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What to know BEFORE you install solar panels.

Solar panels are all the buzz right now and rightfully so. They are a good way to cut down on the use of electricity for your home. This drives down the cost of your energy bill and is good for our environment. There are a few things that we recommend that you do before deciding on installation. These tips come from experience that we have had directly with roofing clients.

  1. Does your roof need repairs? Your solar panel company should do a roof inspection, but we recommend that you have someone not connected to the company inspect your roof. We have seen solar panels go on roofs that definitely needed roof repairs or roof replacements. This ends up being a huge financial burden. We also do not recommend deciding that your roof is ok by looking at it from the ground or by going off the fact that it does not leak. Let a roof expert get on your roof and inspect it fully. You want your roof life span and your panel life span to align as closely as possible.

  2. What shape is your roof, and do you have enough room? There has to be enough room for you to have enough panels to make it cost effective for your home. Sometimes slopes, space, and shapes make certain roofs not good candidates for panels. Make sure you are asking your solar panel rep about this and doing your research as well.

  3. Signing a contract: Please know what you are signing. Read the whole contract. You need to know what happens if the panels need to be taken down and then reinstalled. You need to know if you are fully responsible for this cost, or if there is any responsibility on the solar panel company. We have seen panels go onto a roof that needed repairs, and then the homeowner was stuck with the cost of removal and reinstallation and this costs homeowners thousand's of dollars.

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